Engineer, Digital Designs

- United Kingdom -- England -- East of England -- Cambridgeshire -- Cambridge Posted 06 July 2018 Contract

Job Description

We are looking for a contractor to work in the Digital Design Group.
The digital design team is involved in the implementation of the WiFi and Bluetooth connectivity solutions for integrated modem and applications processors for Samsung LSI.
You will be working on the implementation in SystemVerilog of signal processing blocks for the WiFi physical layer, including verification of these blocks. The implementation will be guided by algorithm design documents and C++ or MATLAB models.

Secondary tasks include the design and implementation of other RTL blocks in the wider connectivity subsystem, supporting the software team in implementing verification software using the digital designs we have implemented and maintaining the verification environment.

We are looking for an engineer with at least 5 years relevant experience in the wireless communications field and proven ability to deliver high quality designs while working to tight deadlines.


• Responsible for development of signal processing solutions that address the needs of next generation Wi-Fi.
• Responsibility for implementing and testing algorithms for digital baseband modules
• Documenting implementation of these modules for review
• Developing test benches and verification scripts for these modules.

Required Skills:

• A good knowledge of, and experience in, wireless systems with exposure to Physical Layer implementation in fixed point RTL
• A solid understanding of the principles of digital signal processing
• A proven ability to communicate effectively in technical subject areas.

Contact information

Beth Summers